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Supercar Manufacturer Bugatti Launch New Luxury Yacht

Bugatti – the Frech supercar manufacturer – has joined forces with Monaco-based Palmer Johnson to create a new luxury yacht inspired by the Bugatti Chiron. The 66-ft yacht named the Bugatti Niniette 66 is the first of a new series of yachts from Bugatti starting from 15m and reaching 24m.

Palmer Johnson

The carbon fibre, marble and leather-decked out model, which can reach top speeds of 44 knots, boasts everything from its own Jacuzzi and champagne bar, to a fire pit and lavish double bed.

Palmer Johnson

According to the company, other standout features include supercar-inspired helm chairs and a futuristic command centre with an interactive infotainment system for vessel navigation, monitoring, control and entertainment.

Palmer Johnson

It’s clear that the design of the boat, which could be used as a superyacht tender, is keeping as close as possible to the design of the Chiron car. With the distinctive aft curve around the windows and two-tone colour scheme, the Niniette is very much on brand, which is why Palmer Johnson has described the concept as “the perfect match for the Bugatti Chiron.”

Palmer Johnson

Etienne Salomé, Design Director at Bugatti said: ‘The Niniette is a genuine member of the Bugatti family. Even from a large distance when entering a port, the Niniette will always be recognized as a true Bugatti.’ The final result is something a little extraordinary, with a somewhat aggressive looking profile, much like the car. Its ultra-modern appearance is certainly distinctive, if not a little audacious.

Palmer Johnson

The idea for a joint project first arose in early 2015 when the two companies decided to create an innovative sport yacht based on the strengths of the company. The first renderings were then presented later that year and greeted with a large number of potential buyers – including several Bugatti owners, according to Palmer Johnson.

Only 66 of them will be made in total, and the first ones will be delivered to customers in March 2018. 

While the price of the limited-edition model is yet to be released, the company indicated in 2015 that the smallest models would start at $1.8million or £1.5million.    

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