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Women Moving Millions Call on the Fairer Sex to Give More

According to some studies, when it comes to charity, women tend to be more philanthropic than men. Women and philanthropic causes seem to get along well. Maybe that is why the ladies who are already working for better or greater causes are urging their fellow women to invest in charities for the development of the fairer sex. The message to women, to invest more in charitable causes for women and girls, comes from an organization called Women Moving Millions, which works for the advancement of girls and women worldwide.

Plea to go All In for Her.

Through their new initiative called All In For Her: A Call to Action, Women Moving Millions, or WMM, has put in a direct request to women across the world to pitch in and contribute for their gender’s development everywhere. Women are more generous than men, according to a study by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute. The organization believes that women folk around the world are capable of raising as much as $1 trillion annually. The idea is to encourage women to invest more in causes that support advancement of women currently being downcast

That is why the campaign had been aptly named – All In For Her.

The number story.

The study also says that only 7 percent of the total philanthropic contributions from corporates go towards causes especially for women. This is even though women control 27 percent of the wealth in the world, according to the Boston Consulting Group. That is roughly around 20 trillion USD. The number was estimated to grow by around 8 percent over the next five years that is by 2015.

If women’s wealth increases at this rate, then the total charitable offerings by women should go up to $1 trillion per annum, even if women gave just 1.7 percent of their disposable income, which is the lowest percentage of charitable giving recorded in the US over the last 40 years.

Empowering women is important, says report.

There is an urgent need to put the money into causes for women, as that is key to solving some of the biggest problems of the world like hunger, poverty, conflict and climate change. Women have access to the corporate earnings, their family fortunes, and foundation resources that they can use towards these causes and fill the gap between their earnings and their charitable donations, according to the report.

Request to women in power.

All in For Her is a direct call to women in power, wherever they are in the world. Women who have access to resources, leadership, voice, influence and network should make the most of what they have for the empowerment of women around the world. Jacquelyn Zehner, the co-chair of Women Moving Millions, urges women in power to use their gender lens when deciding which charity to invest in. Zehner added that there are numerous studies to prove that communities and nations, where women thrive, are the ones where most development takes place. She also said that gender inequality is the major factor that plays a destructive role in preventing global development. Jacquelyn Zehner also penned a book named A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power, in which she emphasizes these points.

Bringing women’s agenda in a male dominated society.

According to Zehner, one of the biggest challenges that women heading boards, philanthropic organizations, corporations, and other institutions face are in bringing out changes that are beneficial to women and women alone. Creating and getting a women’s agenda is not so easy. The American Philanthropy scene may be dominated by women, who act as chairpersons, board members, and partners in many charitable organizations in the US. Whatever women are doing, and however, they are doing, in the US is not enough, said Zehner. They need to do more, which they will be able to do in a significant way only when more than 30 percent of the leadership positions in the US are managed by women.

More targeted programs for woman a necessity.

Another major hurdle for women-centric development programs is the one-size-fits-all attitude of most people. Zehner added that the term ‘gender lens’ means to consider the gender norms and biological differences between men and women, how certain things affect men and women, boys and girls, when chalking out plans and putting funds to use. Creating a targeted program for women’s development can be a complicated and time-consuming task. While there is a constant push t see men and women as the same, Zehner insists that men and women are not created same and have their differences not just biologically, but also socially. Only when these differences are considered can we create programs that work for women, she says.

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