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World’s Largest Bugatti Showroom Opens In Dubai

Hot on the heels of Lamborghini opening its largest ever showroom in Dubai, Bugatti has opened their largest showroom in almost the exact same location.

Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, one of the central veins of the wealthy Emirate city, the French carmaker now boasts a brand-new showroom with more than 240 square-meters of space.

The imposing entrance features a four-meter high Bugatti horseshoe, while inside decor from the Bugatti Home Collection fills the luxurious lounge area. 

This is the 15th location in the brand’s global dealership network, and given that Bugatti UAE is the brand’s most successful dealership – with 30 orders for the Chiron already received – Bugatti UAE is the brand’s most successful dealership.

Bugatti UAE is also responsible for servicing the world’s largest fleet of Veyrons, 55. For the occasion, the new Bugatti Chiron was shipped over to the rich oil state. Shortly after the opening celebrations, the 1,500 hp hypercar will embark on a tour in the region.

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