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Dubai’s Top 5 Luxury Hotels for the Executive Business Traveler

Dubai has always been synonymous with luxury, fine living and opulence. Home to the world-famous Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world), Dubai has a generous dose of extravagance to offer visiting tourists, who want a taste of its splendid lifestyle. Dubai’s tryst with opulence is incomplete without mentioning its range of luxurious hotels that are doused in grandeur. Here’s our take on the top five luxury hotels that you should visit on your next business trip.

Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab blows you away with its astounding architecture right from the first glimpse! The hotel resembles a 100-foot high towering sail that stands billowing by the wind, and whose exteriors light up ethereally just as the sun comes down. The interiors itself are extravagant with extensive two-floor suites that have all the essentials of fine living!

Scores of butlers line up to assist you at your every beck and call. Be it ushering a chauffeured ride on a Rolls Royce so you can sight-see, or making reservations for an exquisite Caspian caviar seafood feast, they’ll seamlessly take care of it, so you live like a king. Speaking of kings, the Royal suite has a canopied 4-poster bed that is placed on a revolving pedestal, along with a gold and marble lined staircase, reflecting opulence in its every breadth!

Desert Palm

The Desert Palm boasts of six poolside villas, one two-bedroom villa and 13 residences by the pool. The suites are furnished with some of the latest gizmos and one even overlooks the polo field, with others boasting of equally impressive views of lush gardens and fleeting pools. This hotel has everything from polo pitches to squash/tennis courts, riding schools to swimming pools, to make your stay just as vibrant as its interiors! Or, if you’re in the mood for a tranquil time, treat yourself to a pampering session in their Lime spa.

The staff will usher anything from personal shoppers to a hair stylist, private tour guides and more, so you experience the best and the most opulent of the glamorous city! And when you’re ready for some grub, step into the Rare restaurant or Epicure to experience the epitome of culinary delights! The Desert Palm sure knows how to have all their visitors in the palm of its hands, and the fact that it’s a meager 20 minutes away from the city airport means that you get to spend every lasting moment in Dubai in its realms!

Al Qasr

The very name of this luxurious hotel, “Al Qasr”, stands for “the palace”. The plush interiors are replete with lush embellishments, which when combined with the regal architecture, has you believe that you’re in the summer palace of a wealthy Sheikh, or a Sheikh yourself! The hotel boasts of 292 elaborate guest rooms endowed with signature Arabic influences in their décor and furnishings. The private patios provide panoramic views of the surrounding ocean. Visitors can have their own reign in the resort by going over to the well-equipped health club that has an indoor lap swimming pool or engage in water sports by the beach. If you’re in the mood for a quiet soothing retreat, walk into their award-winning spa and choose from the numerous soothing massages, sauna treatments and yoga sessions to kick-back and relax!

Armani Hotel

Located in the tallest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa, the Armani Hotel takes luxury to new heights! Sleek interiors graced with leather, marble, tatami and stone, in neutral tones of taupe and caramel, this hotel is for the sophisticated traveler on a corporate getaway. Visitors get to make their pick from classic or deluxe rooms to an array of suites, each with its own abundant offerings that make your stay memorable! Take a dip in the opulent pool as you take in the towering Burj Khalifa above or chill by the zebra-wood floored lounges as you sip a drink. The 12,000 square ft spa makes for the perfect rejuvenating session with numerous spa treatments that makes use of the best of Armani products to have their refreshing effects!

Atlantis the Palm

If you thought a beach-facing hotel was luxurious, we must tell you, that’s just an opening act at Atlantis the Palm (which is why we’ve saved it for the last). How would you like for fish, rays and sharks to whiz past your windows that run from the floor to the ceilings, almost as if mocking the surrounding skylines? Enter the underwater suites at Atlantis the Palm. These one-of-a-kind suites provide spectacular views of the Ambassador Lagoon that can only be matched by the other suites that overlook Dubai’s signature skyline or the azure shores.

When you’re not reveling in its plush interiors dive into the experiences the Aqua-venture waterpark has to offer. Descend down a water-slide set in the middle of a shark-infested lagoon if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, or head over to the Dolphin Bay to pet some amazing mammals if you’re an animal lover. The best way to seal off your stay is by heading over to their ShuiQi spa to partake in sublime treatments and therapies. Atlantis the Palm sure has a lot to offer to all their visitors.

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