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The Most Amazing Luxury 7-Star Hotels in the World

Let’s start off by exploring some of the most amazing luxury seven-star hotels in the world, and what exactly gives them that seven-star ranking. Whether it’s to relax and rejuvenate, enjoy a family vacation, discuss business proposals, or just plain splurge for no good reason at all, here are some of the most amazing luxury seven-star hotels in the world that will cater to all these needs and much more.

The Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is rated as the number one seven-star hotel in the world. Located in the beautiful city of Dubai, this mega-structure cost nearly 650 million dollars to construct and has a towering 70 floors. What gives this hotel its first and foremost ‘luxury factor’ is the artificial island on which it is located, connected to the mainland via a private bridge.

The external structure of the hotel has been designed to resemble the sail of a ship. 202 bedroom suites in all, with The Royal Suite being the most luxurious and extravagant—costing $18,716 dollars a night! Dine in style at one of its two superb restaurants, which require you to embark on a make believe submarine voyage.

From being serviced by your own private butler and renting any one of your dream cars to taking a helicopter ride to get the best view of Dubai, the Burj Al Arab is sure to serve you up one the most luxurious and unforgettable experiences of your life.

The Pangu Plaza

The Pangu or the Morgan Plaza, situated in the Olympic District of Beijing, China, has housed some of the big guns, such as Bill Gates. This magnificent piece of architecture isn’t just a luxury seven-star hotel, but comprises of a beautiful temple and also one of the best Japanese restaurants in the world.

To say you are walking into a realm of luxury is an understatement with this hotel’s marble-pillared lobby and silken-wallpaper decorated suites, which offer all the benefits and amenities that a guest could possibly ask for. The hotel rooms show off their proud Chinese history through their traditional Chinese décor.

It has been rumored that Bill Gates rented out a room during the Beijing Olympics, which cost a “mere” $800,000 dollars a year. The Pangu Plaza has been awarded “The Best Luxury Hotel of 2011-2012” and “The Best Presidential Suite of 2012”.

The iSquare Hotel & Mall

Whoever said Orlando, Florida was famous only for the world’s biggest and best Sea World and Disneyland, will be saying otherwise by the year 2017, which is when the new and extremely luxurious seven-star iSquare Hotel & Mall will be open for business. Currently projected as having 1,256 rooms, the cost of construction of the entire hotel and mall is a whopping $400 million dollars.

iSquare is also aimed at having an observation deck, high-end shopping amenities, world-class restaurants, and a fun ice-skating rink. Its developer, the Blackmine Group, has promised the public that this soon-to-be luxury hotel will be sure to exude a swanky and irresistible vibe that will have just about anyone feeling like a celebrity.

The project also is slated to include about 380,000 square feet of retail in a multilevel mall with upscale, international retailers; an indoor ice skating rink; a 100,000-square-foot convention center; and a 24-hour revolving restaurant and observation deck.

The Seven Stars Galleria

The Town House Galleria or the Seven Stars Galleria is located in the cosmopolitan city of Milan in Italy. The hotel started operations in March 2007 and is one of the finest, most extravagant, and most luxurious hotels in the world, and exceeds most hotels in the field of hospitality.

Its interiors are beautifully designed to exude the history—the Italian frescos, pillars, and stain glass that Milan is famous for. It very much resembles the Duomo Square in Milan. Its 500 suites have been designed to honor and dedicate importance to a well-known musician of La Scala Opera.

The rooms have been decorated with the help of the Italian Institute of Arts and have an antique look. Special services include having your very own, custom-made bed linen and pillows in your suite.

The Emirates Palace

This magnificent form of architecture is called, “the palace’ for all the right reasons. Costing a cool 3.9 billion dollars to construct, this palatial wonder resembles a hidden Arabian kingdom in the middle of an oasis. It is located in the resplendent city of Abu Dhabi and has its very own private beach surrounded by miles of sprawling gardens.

Most of the suites are furnished in marble and even gold furniture, which very rightly puts this hotel in the seven-star leagues of luxury hotels found anywhere in the world. In fact, the rooms are so luxuriously designed that the top tier suites are reserved especially for Emirate dignitaries and royalty.

Indulging in Albino Caviar and drinking a $15,000 bottle worth of cognac is what makes The Emirates Palace one of the most amazing luxurious seven-star hotels in the world.

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