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Top 10 Luxury Yachts in the World

What is the ultimate status symbol of the wealthy? A luxury yacht! Russian oil moguls, the sultans of the Middle East and the nouveau riche technology billionaires are rushing to buy the biggest, most jaw-dropping luxury yachts in the world. To fuel this crazy demand for luxury yachts, luxury yacht makers are also coming up with the most stunning designs.

A luxury designer yacht or a super yacht is always on the wish list of the rich, and if you have made it big, why not splurge on one? If you are looking to buy a luxury yacht or just want to check out what the competition owns, here’s a list of the best and most over-the-top luxury yachts in the world.

10. The Al Salamah 

Al Salamah

This super or rather a mega yacht is owned by Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and is 456 feet long.The Al Salamah is so big that many people who laid eyes on it thought (incorrectly) that it was a cruise ship rather than a luxury yacht. It is eight decks high and is said to have indoor swimming pools, 80 rooms, and even a hospital. The features of the yacht and its amenities has all of the expected mega-yacht accessories. Such as, a helipad, jacuzzis, cinema, motor-launches and interior design by a famous stylist — in this case Britain’s Terence Disdale — she also possesses a number of unique extras, notably an indoor swimming pool covered by a glass roof.

9. The Octopus

Photo By Bill Spencer

Photo By Bill Spencer

With an estimated net worth of $18.1 billion (as of February 2016), Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen can afford some expensive toys. His 414-foot yacht, Octopus, has to be one of the best billionaire toys around. Octopus has a large helicopter hangar on the main deck, giving shelter to two helicopters. The yacht has a music recording studio, an observation lounge, a cinema, a basketball court, a gym, a salon and a medical center. The mega-yacht accommodates 26 guests in 41 suites and 60 full-time staff. Octopus makes for an extremely luxurious escape

The yacht also has a large glass bottom pool and a 10 person submarine. In March 2015, Allen announced that a crew onboard an Octopus submarine had located a Japanese WWII-era battleship at the bottom of the ocean in the Philippines. Octopus is also a member of the Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue, which means that it can be used to assist other boats in distress.

8. The Guilty 


This yacht is not only one of the most expensive luxury yachts but is also the most outrageous yacht ever built. The design of this yacht has drawn both criticism and praise with some even calling it the ugliest yacht in the world. Guilty is owned by Dakis Joannou – a Greek billionaire and art collector who had the exterior of the yacht designed by Jeff Koons – the legendary contemporary artist. It has 3 decks: the lower deck which holds the guests cabins, the main deck with a large lounge, a service area and the wheelhouse and the upper deck completely dedicated to the owner’s area.

7. The Ocean Breeze formerly Qadisiyah Saddam 

ocean breeze

You may have guessed right that this yacht belonged to notorious ex-Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. So it comes as no surprise that the yacht is outrageous, to say the least. It is said to have solid gold fixtures, bulletproof windows, indoor swimming pools, many staterooms, and saunas. It also has a missile launching system and a mini-submarine for the controversial leader to have escaped in if required. The yacht is 82m (269ft), 2,282-ton, a twin screw vessel with one master bedroom, nine further double bedrooms, four twins and 13 singles.

6. The Rising Sun 

Photo by Scott Smith

Photo by Scott Smith

The Rising Sun was first owned by Oracle CEO and much-hated figure in the technology world – Larry Ellison. Now the yacht’s owner is entertainment mogul – David Geffen. Billionaire David Geffen is a philanthropist who made his fortune in the entertainment business. The Rising Sun is 454 feet long and features 82 rooms, a basketball court that doubles as a helicopter landing pad, a wine cellar, fireplaces and a crew of 30 to take care of the guests.  It is described as the 10th-largest yacht in the world. The interiors of this luxury yacht are also very glamorous with staircases that are made of brushed chrome and glass, and windows that curve from the floor until the ceiling.

5. The A 

The A Yacht

With a name like that, you can bet that this luxury yacht is unusual. This yacht was built for and is owned by Andrey Melnichenko – a young Russian billionaire and it was built solely to please its owner. It does not have an open deck or other amenities to entertain guests and is not built to throw lavish parties in. As a result, the A has a truly magnificent master suite. It is alleged to be 2583 square feet in size, with bulletproof glass on all sides and Andrey has to climb up a silver-plated staircase to reach his suite. Everything, from the design of the yacht to the outfits worn by the crew was designed by Philippe Starck.

4. The Eclipse 

Photo by Yacht Audio

Photo by Yacht Audio

The Eclipse is, as of now, the most expensive luxury yacht in the world. The Eclipse is owned by Roman Abramovich – the Russian billionaire, who also owns the Chelsea football club and is known to have dates with the bevy of beauties like Naomi Campbell. The Eclipse has about 70 crew members, 24 cabins for guests, two helipads, many hot tubs, two swimming pools, launch boats, a private garden and a mini-submarine. It is rumored that the Eclipse also has many secret exits.

3. The Adastra 

Photo by Mainstream Lifestyle

Photo by Mainstream Lifestyle

The Adastra is truly one of the most stunning looking luxury yachts ever built. This trimaran yacht is 139 feet in length and is built for long distance cruises. One of the most talked about features of the Adastra is that it can be controlled from an iPad and is packed with modern features. This luxury ultra modern yacht took over five years to build and cost more than $15 million. The yacht has been described by Boat International as ‘one of the world’s most amazing super yachts, that could spell the future for efficient long range cruising’

2. The Azzam  

Azzam Superyacht

There are yachts, there are luxury yachts, there are super-luxury yachts, and then there is the Azzam. Azzam is the World’s largest yacht, at 590-feet long, making it 57-feet longer than Abramovich’s  Eclipse — previously the largest yacht. Azzam was built by luxury yacht builder Lürssen Yachts for an estimated price of US$ 605 million. It is rumored to have been built for the a member of the royal family of Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates. The yacht is powered by a combination of two gas turbines and two diesel engines with a total 94,000 horsepower. She is rumored to feature a bulletproof master suite and a missile defense system.

1. The Mirabella V 

The Mirabella V

The Mirabella V is one of the few sailing yachts that is also a luxury yacht. Its most awe-inspiring feature is a mast that is 292 feet high and is the tallest mast on any water vessel. As it is so tall it is mainly used in the Caribbean and Mediterranean and it includes a 20-seater dining room, sauna, and gym. Imagine the exhilaration of a voyage aboard a luxury sailing yacht with a single mast towering almost 300 feet into the sky and a sail area of an amazing 36,500 square feet.

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