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The World’s First SIX-STAR Ocean Cruiser

Described as the world’s first discovery yacht, Scenic Eclipse takes ocean cruising to a whole new level in terms of technology, size, and luxury. 

The mega yacht billed as ‘six-star’, Scenic Eclipse is a new ocean-faring vessel with the very highest of specifications and is being launched by Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours to celebrate the firm’s 30th anniversary.


Scenic Eclipse has 114 suites all with balconies and butler service, none is smaller than 32 square metres. At 233 square metres, the two-bedroomed Owners’ Suite – the best room on board – is bigger than a tennis court. 

Scenic Eclipse will carry 228 passengers and almost the same number of crew to look after them. With the ratio of staff to guests being almost 1:1 the service for passengers will be personalised with their every whim will be catered for.


There will be six dining options for the yacht’s 228 passengers to choose from, including French, Pan-Asian and Italian restaurants. Passengers will be able to opt for an all-inclusive deal which includes dining in all restaurants, complimentary ‘top-shelf’ beverages and a butler service. 

For those keen to stay in shape, there will be a state-of-the-art fitness facility and a yoga and Pilates studio.


The spacious spa, indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis, plunge pools, and a heated pool with retractable roof, are another luxurious touch to the long list of amenities offered on the Scenic Eclipse.

30567a3200000578-3406412-image-a-25_1453209758294-2Also, as part of the all-inclusive voyage, guests will be able to take in high-quality evening entertainment in the large 240-seat theatre.

Local tours will also be part of the all-inclusive voyage. Scenic Eclipse will carry 12 inflatable Zodiacs (tenders) to take passengers ashore in remote locations, as well as kayaks, snorkelling and scuba equipment for guest to borrow.

eclipse_section_1 Visiting the Antarctic is a privilege usually only given to the very wealthy, but Scenic hopes that this discovery yacht will make such adventures accessible to more people. Arctic and Antarctic cruises will be limited to 200 passengers to better accommodate each guest and there will be two onboard helicopters and a custom-built seven-seat submarine to ferry passengers to various glacier landings. 


‘Our goal with Scenic Eclipse was to open up the private Discovery Yacht experience so that our guests could discover regions previously only visited by a fortunate few,’ said Managing Director of Scenic UK Chris Townson. ‘In many cases, only the supremely wealthy or explorers and adventurers could have travelled to the Antarctic hinterland or have ventured below the surface to witness Polar wildlife in their natural habitat but now we are making these experiences accessible to our guests whilst they travel in the utmost luxury and safety.’ 

Scenic Eclipse is being built in Croatia by Australian tour company Scenic for launch in August 2018 and will sail the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Caribbean and Americas, and also to the Arctic and Antarctica.


Pictured: Santorini, Greece

The maiden voyage will take place on August 31, 2018, and the vessel will venture from Istanbul to Venice.  

A full brochure detailing all itineraries is set to be available in February, though adventurous travellers can pre-register their interest now.

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