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Seven Habits of Highly Successful Moguls

Success is not a tailor-made recipe. The good news is that there are certain essentials that all successful people seem to have in common. Read on, and we’ll tell you about the seven habits that most entrepreneurs, politicians, celebrities and others who have managed to clinch success practice.

Stay proactive

Staying proactive in your day-to-day life is one of the pivotal steps to embark on a successful journey. Letting your life traverse on an auto-pilot mode makes you believe that you don’t have a control over your life, even if it’s otherwise. Being successful is all about taking over the reigns and it all starts with taking an initiative or responsibility. Take a look at all the successful people you see around; they focus their energies on things that can be changed or influenced rather than those that cannot be helped. The more proactive that they are about these issues, the better the productivity and their chances at being successful at it.

Be a good storyteller

If you want your business to burgeon into one of the leading brands of tomorrow, you should know that it all boils down to how good a storyteller you are. No doubt, the leading industry giants of today have a solid product or service to make their presence felt in the market, but they also have a great storyteller who unveils it to the rest of the world. Successful business moguls do not charm their way through audiences with stacks and stacks of numbers and figures, or the same squeezed into PowerPoint slides. These are too mechanical to win over people’s hearts. The key is to have a good narrative that is the right balance between reasoning and emotions to clinch deals and rope in customers.

Welcome criticism

This one’s easier said than done. The trick to taking criticism well is to take only the essentials from it. Criticism can either be impersonal or harsh and negative. To turn it into something constructive you should learn to filter in the modalities that can be reviewed and worked on, just as you let go of the negative annotations. Remember, criticism, if anything, is acting as a doorway for you to be progressive and eventually successful, the more gracious you are when you receive feedback from others, the more you fuel your journey toward success.

Listen to your instincts

Your sense of instinct is not just hocus-pocus. It is your gut instinct that can tell you if you’re taking the right decision or not. The truth about your instinct is, it isn’t merely a sense of intuition which can be easily shot down by a bout of logical reasoning. Instinct often sprouts from wise nuggets that you’ve picked up on at a subconscious level from your past experiences. So don’t play down that little voice, or your gut feeling, that is possibly your best board advisor.

Know the when and how of saying “no”

People may laud you at your skills of being able to take on anything and everything that comes your way, but you’ll be doing yourself more good by doing otherwise. Be it for your company or yourself, you need to teach yourself how and when to say no. It’s a simple matter of understanding when you have a lot on your plate and to know that you will not be able to justify another new project or venture for yourself or your business. Same goes with turning down offers that you know (from instinct and experience) will not help you or your company move forward. Do not settle for the easiest opportunity that comes your way, stay on track and look out for other opportunities.

Take risks

Playing safe is easy and a natural course that most of us take, it’s the successful people who choose to take the different path. Taking risks can sometimes make way for groundbreaking revelations and discoveries. However, it doesn’t mean acting on an impulse and jumping on the next thing that comes your way. If there’s one thing that’s better than taking risks, it is taking well-calculated risks. It’s where logic, impulse and passion meet. If you’ve chalked out big dreams for yourself, it isn’t going to happen in your comfort zone. Step out and take some calculated risks to have them materialize!

Embrace failures

It doesn’t come across as a surprise that we’re always looking down upon failures going by how we’re marked by how many rights we’ve got rather than otherwise. Interestingly, failures have a bigger hand to play in the successful people’s lives than successes, simply because failures teach us to do better. A bad deal with your client, or a product that fell through right in its first week of launch, are all success stories, rather, they’ll be success stories for the future. Once you pick up on the cues these supposed failures are trying to send out to you and work around them, it won’t be long before you show failure its way to the door.

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